Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sportsnet None.

I hope you weren't counting on seeing tonight's Blue Jays versus the Angels game on TV if you live in Saskatoon, because you won't.  Today was the launch of Rogers Sportsnet One, which is supposed to be their "national" channel versus the existing Rogers Sportsnet, which is offered by region.  But said national channel isn't available via Shaw Cable in the Saskatoon market, or apparently on any other cable or satellite providers elsewhere in Canada other than Rogers.  Negotiations are supposedly going on for other providers to carry it, but if that doesn't happen we won't have a chance to see as many as 25 upcoming Blue Jays games.  This is even more annoying than the trouble we had here in previous years, where Sportsnet West, which is the "default" Sportsnet channel on Shaw, didn't always have Blue Jays games on.  If you were willing to shell out the money you could subscribe to feeds of the other Sportsnet feeds and not miss the games.  This time we don't even have that option, and we have no idea when or even if Sportsnet One will be carried here.  What a pain.

You apparently will be able to hear the game on radio via CJYM Rosetown on 1330 kilohertz.  Hope you're like me and have an AM radio to use.

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