Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What's With David?

Is David Copperfield going nuts? The well known illusionist has bought a group of islands, the Exuma chain, for 50 million bucks. (I didn't know he had access to that kind of money.) Musha Cay in the chain is a private resort that rents for up to 300 grand a week, the other islands in the chain serving to shield the island from nosy onlookers. But my questions about ole Dave's sanity come from the fact he claims one of the islands holds the legendary Fountain of Youth. He claims the waters it contains cure illness and so on. Well, it's either figure Copperfield is going around the twist, or suspect he's up to some scam to fleece the ill by offering quack health treatments. You'd think someone who deals in making the impossible seem real through carefully designed illusions and lots of practice would be able to spot trickery if someone is trying to dupe him.

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