Saturday, October 15, 2005

I had to roll my eyes at an article in today's paper. Some US right wing folks are all upset, claiming Geena Davis' new tv series Commander in Chief is intended to be propaganda for a 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Paranoid much? Interestingly the writers for the series made President Allen an Independant, which from a writing perspective is a good idea, allowing her to do things without viewers getting hung up on the idea that "a Republican/Democratic President wouldn't do that!" Of course they may have also been trying to forestall the criticisms that have appeared. Frankly I think the complainers would be just as upset if she was a Republican, claiming she didn't represent the "true" Republican Party.

As I was thinking about this silliness Kiefer Sutherland came to mind, since dad Donald is a regular on Commander in Chief. I wonder what kind of frothing at the mouth some of these people might do about Kiefer's series 24 if they found out that his grandfather was Tommy Douglas, an actual socialist and premier of North America's first democratic socialist government when the CCF won the 1944 Saskatchewan election.

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