Monday, September 20, 2004

Yep, I am definitely very verbose today.

Delta State, hmmm....

No, its not a school I'm thinking about, but a new series that just debuted on Teletoon this month. Apparently based on a comic book, it chronicles the adventures of a quartet of young adults with no memories of their past. Sharing an apartment together they spend their time trying to figure who they were, and who they might be, while using their psychic powers to fight the Rifters, a group of baddies from someplace as yet unrevealed, who are trying to take over humanity, including taking over human bodies. This often requires them to go into the delta state, a sort of surreal parallel dimension. Their only ally is Brodie, a psychologist type who, like the Rifters, we really don't know much about yet. Hey, they've only just shown the 3rd episode of an apparent 26. However, I have this suspicion he'll turn out to be in some way connected with the Rifters. A renegade perhaps?

Its probably a bit early to decide how well the series will work, but the art style is definitely interesting. Some of the shots are obviously live action material overlaid with animation, leading to some very realistic looking facial movements and so forth. On the other hand is the noses of everyone, which have a line around them, leading to an odd appearance. Lots of bright colours are used for the characters. The overall makes me think somewhat of MTV's late 90s offering Downtown.

Like a lot of cartoon productions these days this one is a co-production deal involving Teletoon and some European networks. No big surprise. The cost of a series these days is such that small and niche market networks like Teletoon can't go it alone. This of course was the thing that doomed Undergrads and Cybersix, namely not being able to retain partners and find new ones to replace them. Hopefully this series will come to some sort of reasonable conclusion or resolution of the initial story in the final episode of the 26, and not leave viewers stuck with a cliffhanger. One good thing, whatever happens, is that the number of episodes should cut down on the repetition factor once they've played them all and go into a rerun cycle.

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