Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Not So Big 40.

Yesterday was civic election day in Saskatoon.  Voter turnout was up this year, but only slightly.  In 2012 37 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, while this year turnout was 40 percent.  But voter turnout was better here than in Regina, where voter turnout was only 20 percent this time. 

Civic politics is the level closest to the voter, but it never seems to interest a lot of voters around here.  Perhaps it's because there's not enough excitement, or because the issues don't seem as important as those in provincial or federal elections.  But it's worth remembering that not voting means you de facto voted for whoever wins.  Don't like Saskatoon's new Mayor, Charlie Clark?  Well, if you didn't vote you just made it that much easier for him to win. 

Even to the end some candidates were trying to get out the vote.  My mom had to answer the door two different times around 7 PM because of representatives of the candidates trying to encourage people to vote.  It wasn't needed in her case, as she and my dad both voted earlier in the day.  I voted as well.  Did you? 

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