Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks, Glen.

Although he died Friday it only became public yesterday that veteran TV writer and producer Glen A. Larson died Friday.  If you watched any amount of US made TV programming in the '70s and '80s there's a good chance you were a regular viewer of a series Larson had a hand in.  His entertainment career began in 1956 when he was a member of the vocal group the Four Preps, whose 3 gold records were written by Larson.  Larson moved on to the TV business, working for Quinn Martin Productions before going out on his own.  His work ranged over a variety of genres, from the crusading coroner Quincy, ME, to the space drama of Battlestar Galactica.  The latter was Larson's most personal project, one he began work on in 1968, and had elements based on his Mormon faith.

Unlike some of his contemporaries Larson proved unable to sustain his success, with his projects after the mid '80s being largely unsuccessful, or rehashes of his earlier work.  He had no real involvement in the 2003 remake of Galactica, and work on a big screen continuation of the original with Bryan Fisher circa 2010 stalled.  It was often suggested during the height of his career that Larson's projects were too often attempts to cash in on trends, or had elements taken from other works.  However valid such criticisms might be Larson had a lot of influence on American TV while he was successful, and his work continues to have influence.

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