Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not This Time, Richard.

For as long as I can remember the Co Op grocery on 8th St. in Saskatoon has had a "give one, take one" book shelf.  The idea is that you leave books you're done with and take others you think you want to read.  I went in there this afternoon and decided to take a look.  I got a little bit excited when I spotted some of my favourite elusive trash:  Death Merchant books.  But my excitement was short lived, as they were all books I currently have in my possession.  Still, I guess that means I'll have to keep my eyes open, in case any turn up.

Which ones do I want to get my hands on, you ask?  Just three really, namely The Castro File, The Vengeance of the Golden Hawk, and The Fourth Reich.  Those are the ones I haven't actually read, while some of the others I don't currently have I've either read, or don't want to read.  For example Blood Bath is one I just can't make myself read, as I suspect the racism quotient is especially high in that one. 

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