Wednesday, January 30, 2013

See Ya's!

Last night I caught bits and pieces of A&E's new series Southie Rules, a reality show revolving around several generations of a family living together in a house in South Boston. This seems to be a good example of something I've stated before, that you can become a reality show participant solely on the basis of having an "interesting" accent.  I doubt I'll be watching again, as accents don't make up for the show being not particularly interesting.  Like Duck Dynasty it all seems a little bit too staged for its own good, and the antics of the cast are mostly  just dumb in a largely uninteresting way.  I found TLC's Starter Wives, which also debuted last night, a bit more interesting, although it's obviously TLC's attempt to do an African-American version of the Real Housewives franchise.  I wouldn't be surprised however if both these shows get 6 episodes and are done.  We recently saw TLC's Sin City Rules, a show that included poker pro Jennifer Harman amongst its cast, cancelled after only 3 episodes due to poor ratings, and something tells me these won't do much better..

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