Tuesday, January 01, 2013

More Of The Same.

TV networks sure like to beat ideas into the ground.  Tonight was the debut of Storage Wars New York on A&E.  If you've seen the other Storage Wars shows, or their copies, the format is totally familiar.  A group of quirky auction hounds buy abandoned storage units and try to find a big score amongst the contents.  Is the viewership there to support another one of these?  We'll see, but I'd say the concept is starting to get a bit worn out. 

One thing I'm surprised about is that one of the Canadian networks, like the Canadian version of Discovery or History, hasn't licensed a Storage Wars Canada series.  There is of course Canadian Pickers on History, which fits in the same genre, whatever one would call it, but no direct Canadian version of Storage Wars.  It's probably a bit late in the day to cook up one, but when has that ever stopped TV networks and producers?

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MSnelgrove said...

Ask and ye shall recieve . . .
Storage Wars Canada!

It’s time for Canada to go bid or go home as the popular Storage Wars franchise arrives north of the border. OLN, Proper Television, and FremantleMedia today announced that Storage Wars Canada has been greenlit with production slated to begin May 2013, with filming to take place in locations across Ontario.

Storage Wars Canada is currently casting for treasure hunters, auctioneers and appraisers for the original Canadian series. Anyone interested can send a resume, photo, and brief description of themselves to: