Monday, September 03, 2012

Jeph Cuts Loose.

If you've read much Questionable Content you're likely familiar with Yelling Bird.  He's the foul mouthed little guy used for filler strips.  It's no surprise there was a Yelling Bird strip for Labor Day.  But this one stands out, because it's a political rant about the current US election campaign.  All done without a single bit of profanity.  Jeph Jacques is apparently very pissed off.  I wonder how many readers it might cost him, but I suspect the answer is not many.  The kind of folks who think the current course of the Republican Party is wonderful probably don't read webcomics with openly gay and lesbian characters portrayed favourably.  On the other side a lot of potential Democrat voters seem to be going to vote this year holding their noses, not being happy with Obama but seeing the alternative as far worse.

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