Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Not So Big 100.

Prior to this week the only real money I've poker with online has been money I've won from the poker site.  But this week I changed that, although I've been thinking about it for a while.  I decided to make a one time deposit to PokerStars so I could launch what I'm calling the 100 Sit and Go Project.

A sit and go is a poker tournament is a tournament with no fixed starting time, but a fixed number of players.  Once that number of players has signed up for the tournament it begins.  It's a format used both live and online.  I intend to play 100 25 cent sit and goes.  Primarily I'll be playing the 90 player No Limit Hold 'Em version, although I'll probably play some of the 45 player version as well.

Why 25 cent tournamemts?  That should be pretty obvious.  You can play 100 of them for 25 bucks, versus a more expensive tournament.  PokerStars does have cheaper sit and goes, but they're turbo and hyper turbo tournaments, where the blinds rise a bit too quickly for my style of playing.  The cheapest is a 2 center, and as you can imagine a 2 cent tournament where the blinds go up every 2 minutes is pretty much a free for all where people play exceedingly loosely.   "Hey, it's only 2 cents!"  I want to mainly play the 90 player version because the payoff if you make the money is better, even if you have to get through twice as many players. 

As I said this is a one off deposit on my part.  So I paid with a prepaid credit card, a Vanilla brand Mastercard in this case, which is currently usable for deposits from Canada.  It cost me a bit in fees to buy it, but it meant not using my bank account.  I have no reason to suspect PokerStars of any wrongdoing, but the fewer people who have access to your bank account the better.  It also keeps me from being tempted to redeposit if I don't have much luck.

I'll only play one of these in a day, and chances are not every day.  I want this little experiment to last a good long time.  After all it would be pretty easy to burn off 25 bucks in no time, and what fun is that?

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