Sunday, August 19, 2012

AK, Blech!

No, I'm not refering to Alaska here, but rather Ace King.  I think that pair of cards is the most overrated in poker.  I never have much luck with them.  Tonight was a good example.  In tournament 11 of my 100 Sit and Go Project I had a fairly good stack as we approached the bubble.  I picked up AK, and then one of the short stacks decided to go all in.  I called him, but it cost a lot of my stack to do so, on top of the chips that I'd already put in.  Another player called him as well.  The flop came, and it was a complete miss.  Into the muck goes AK, and I was way down, and starting to look like I might not make the bubble.  Meanwhile, all in player caught a hand and  won a lot of chips.  Ironically a few hands later he went all in again with his much larger stack, only to be called by a player who had him covered.  He lost, and only one more player had to go out to for the remainder to reach the money.   Fortunately I had more than the short stack, and made the money when he was all inned by the blinds.  I ended up going out in 12th place, winning 50 cents. 

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