Saturday, April 21, 2012

Contradicting Conspiracies.

As I've mentioned before the US Globe tabloid likes to publish anti-Barack Obama stories.  The latest one I've seen claims that Bill Clinton has evidence that Obama isn't a real American citizen. However, he supposedly hasn't revealed it because he's afraid Obama will have him killed.  I found this amusing given that during the Clinton Administration the right wing crankosphere was obsessed with Clinton death lists, lists of all the people Clinton supposedly had killed.  Merely dying in Arkansas at some point could probably get you on a list, no matter how little connection you had with Clinton.  But apparently Clinton must have lost his death squad at some point, since he's apparently worried about Obama's death squad.  Of course if you take the story at face value the best way to avoid being killed would be simply to reveal the information.  There wouldn't be much point in Obama killing Clinton once the cat was out of the bag.  But hey, that's me using rational person logic, which is just what the conspiracy wants me to do.

I wonder if The Globe did any Clinton death list stories back in the '90s.

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