Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Wouldn't Do That.

A rather disturbing incident is causing some controversy here in Saskatchewan.  A couple living near the village of Springside were found dead in their home last week after not being heard from for 2 weeks or so.  Unfortunately there were also 7 dogs living with them, and the dogs began to eat their dead owners after whatever food they might have had access to ran out.  There is currently no indication the dogs had any role in the couple's death, there being some suggestion the male of the duo committed suicide after she died. 

The Saskatoon SPCA is currently in custody of the dogs, and currently hope to have them adopted.  A neighbour of the dead couple, Magaret-Ann Irving, feels the dogs should be put down, as she claims the dogs already had behavioural problems.  Many people who responded to articles and radio news reports on the case feel the dogs should be allowed to live.  Frankly if I were the SPCA I would probably have the dogs put down.  It seems to me that letting the dogs be adopted after what happened is just asking for a major lawsuit if the dogs do even minor harm to someone.  Even if new owners sign some sort of waver acknowledging the dogs have problems there could still be others who would sue.   It may be unfair to the dogs, but I'd say better safe than sorry.

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