Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Weird Kids' Names.

While visiting Fandom Wank and reading about the latest bout of freaking out brought on by the latest entry in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight vampire novel series I came across another source for oddball baby names, the Utah Baby Namer. Former Utah residents Wes Clark and his wife Cari have long been collecting from various sources the distinctive baby names found in that Mormon heavy state. And boy have they found some doozies. One of the worst I've seen in a while is a name given to a girl, VulvaMae. Did her parents not have a clue what vulva are?

As for Meyer's vampire books there seems to be a good ole helping of crack running through them. For example her vampires hide from the Sun not because they'll be burnt to a crisp like the vamps most of us are familiar with. No, it's because they'll sparkle when hit by sunlight. And that's fairly tame given some of the other stuff in the books, which you can wade through this Fandom Wank entry to learn more about.

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