Friday, July 25, 2008

Crushing All In Man.

In a post a while back I discussed that bugaboo of online poker players(and sometimes real world players) the All In Man. Tonight I once more faced an example of this species. I've been playing a bit the last week on Mansion's poker site after getting a CD ROM in the mail that offered me 15 bucks free. I decided to play in one of their $1.20+.30 Sit and Go tournaments. One of the players turned out to be an All In Man. Again and again he went all in. Sometimes he would lost a good hunk of his stack, only to win it back. I finally got a hand I just couldn't fold, pocket kings. Unlike the example in the previous post this time my overcards held up against his all in with J 4, doubling me up and severely crippling him. He got some of it back, but a few hands later I called his all in with pocket jacks along with another player who went all in with his last 600 chips. All In Man had a measly 4c6c, and was crushed when a third jack came to give me JJJ, while the other all in player caught a straight. Winning that KK hand had put me in the lead, and I held on to it for the rest of the game, winning 7 bucks. It sure was nice to have someone else's poor play fail against my good cards, instead of his rolls of the dice getting paid off as all too often happens.

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