Monday, March 10, 2008

Today's Pedal.

Ah, a post guaranteed to be meaningless and/or annoying to 99% of potential visitors here. But for the guitar geek visitors I must note that I took a brief spin with a pedal I haven't played in awhile(which describes all of them for that matter). It's my DOD FX60 chorus pedal. My example is one of the round knob versions, versus the initial square knob version. But I wasn't using it for chorus. Rather I had it going as a vibrato, as it makes a vibrato sound I find appealing if you turn the speed up enough with the depth set high. I should really sit down with it and set it to a more chorusy setting and see if it's as subtle as I remember it. Guitar was my Aria Pro II TS-300 Thor Sound, and the amp was my Roland JC60. Of course someone is going "Why do you have a chorus when you have a JC?" but that's because the chorus on my amp is noisy as can be.

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