Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where's Ours?

I was watching a report tonight on snow removal in Toronto. One of the gizmos they use is a mobile snow melting machine. The obvious question is why Saskatoon doesn't have one. At least I've never seen or heard any evidence of such a device being used locally. You'd think we'd need one more than Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

TIM ... Toronto has such machines as to truck the snow out of downtown Toronto would take hours and hours longer then melting it and allowing it to flow through the sewer system. Saskatoon does not need such a machine as we have lots of places to dump our snow and let nature melt it over the summer. Last summer by Aug. we still had snow in the snow dump it was covered by sand which does not melt and stops the sun from doing a good job of melting the remaining snow. I am in the snow business and my compound is near the snow dump so I walk over to the site and see how the melt is going and if any treasures have surfaced it the melt. snow from across the city is dumped at the site and when you in a loader moving snow you lick up all sorts of items people have lost in the snow. People find jewellery wallets chains (from boxes of dump trucks used to hold down skid steers) you would be surprised what you find when the snow melts at the site leaving treasure out in the open.