Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kevin Gets Caught.

Now I actually have something interesting to write about. I just learned via this post from Orac that my old "buddy" Kevin Alfred Strom of the National Vanguard has been busted for child porn and witness tampering. Strom was a major player in the "White power" group the National Alliance under the late Dr. William Pierce, and was the radio voice of the NA's radio program American Dissident Voices. Although he continued to play an important role in the NA after Pierce's death he was eventually kicked out over a dispute with the group's leadership and founded his own group National Vanguard.

I found this section of the ABC article linked above amusing given the charges against Strom:

Strom wrote frequently about art and beauty, often rhapsodizing about the physical attributes of white women and girls.

In an 2003 essay titled "Millstone for the Mogul" for the National Alliance's Web site, he condemned the producers of the movie "Thirteen" for "what they are doing to our little children — teen and preteen White children — to normalize perverse and degenerate sexual behavior for them, to normalize homosexuality, to prematurely sexualize them, and to make interracial sex fashionable to them — can never be forgiven, can never be explained away. The media moguls who are doing this to our children deserve to be tried and punished for conspiracy, rape, gang rape, murder and attempted murder."

Funny that Strom thinks homosexuality and interracial relationships are wrong, yet has no problem with sexual relationships with presumably female children. Of course he would hardly be the first person whose personal behaviour contradicted his publically expressed beliefs.

I had some dealings with Strom on Usenet back in the days when I posted on there a lot. He was polite compared to some of his fellow racists, but was still the promoter of pernicious and stupid ideas. I can still remember the subtle sneer in his voice on American Dissident Voices, which I heard multiple times in the early and mid '90s on various US shortwave outlets. You'll forgive me if I have no sympathy for Strom no matter what happens to him. Given he's a racist and an accused child molestor he will probably be at great risk of harm in jail, where neither flaw is popular with much of the inmate population.

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