Friday, January 26, 2007

Cowboys, Back To Back.

A common complaint about online poker sites is the hands dealt by their hand dealing algorithms. And sometimes you do kind of have to wonder. Tonight during a freeroll on PokerStars I was dealt KK. During the course of the hand another K came down and I won the hand with a set. I passed on a couple of hands due to poor cards and was then dealt KK again. Once again I ended up with trips, much to the chagrin of another player who had AA as a starting hand. How often in a real world game will a player be dealt Kings in one hand, win with 3 Kings, be dealt Kings a few hands later and win yet again with trips? On the other hand I was playing a freeroll on Full Tilt the other night where I was dealt JJ 3 times during the course of my participation and managed to win absolutely nothing with those Jacks, so like real world runs of cards it probably averages out in the end.

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