Monday, August 28, 2006

Hurry, Before It's Too Late? Yeah, Right.

"These commemoratives may well be among the most historically meaningful collectibles you will ever own."

This line comes from this ad for National Collector's Mint's World Trade Center Commemerative. Funny, but I would think a "historically meaningful collectible" would be something a bit more than a kitschy gold coin with a centre bit that stands up. The silver is supposedly from a vault recovered from under the WTC, thus supposedly making the quantities limited. Therefore you can only order five. Sounds like there must have been a lot of silver in that vault given how many potential customers there will be. Of course the text uses the word clad, which of course means the coins aren't solid gold and silver, so the actual amount of silver used on each of these things is probably pretty small. Indeed it should be pretty obvious by the price they're offering these things at that they aren't solid gold or silver, but who knows whether some folks will be foolish enough to think they are.

I have no idea how the collectable coin market treats these kind of things. But I suspect they're far more interested in things that have true historical significance and/or novelty, like coins minted in a short lived government mint or what have you, not mass produced gimmicks.

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