Monday, July 10, 2006

The Truth About Me and Dogs.

This charming gentleman is Dudley. He's my aunt and uncle's English Springer Spaniel. He's currently a house guest here. And living with him has convinced me I should not own a dog, or indeed other sort of large pet. I like dogs, but only in relatively short doses. Having one all the time would be just too much. I spend too much time worrying about where he's been sitting, what he's touched, and so on becaus of hygene issues. Then there's the fact that he wants attention frequently. You can't tell a dog that you'd like to be alone for a while. If he's decided he has to be around you he will be whether you like it or not. Unfortunately for him and other dogs there are times I just don't want him under foot. Not to mention the effort of feeding and watering a dog, taking it for walks and so on. You can think of a dog as sort of like a toddler or slightly older child, but one who will never get any older and will never get any more intelligent or understanding as it gets older. I'm just not the right person for such a creature. And from the experiences of friends and relatives with cats I doubt I'd find them much better. A pet is a responsibility, one that for me would not be one I'd have the ability to accept.

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