Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"....Robin downloads the winning goal...."

If you watch the Canadian sports channels, and I assume other Canadian channels as well, you probably know that line by now. For those who don't its from an ad for Rogers Communications cell phone service. In the ad an intrepid trio, including the lovely Robin, head to Germany to watch the FIFA World Cup. When they can't get tickets Robin uses her cell phone to download the winning goal so our heroes and their new friends can watch it. Soon after first seeing the ad I couldn't help but wonder exactly how much doing something like that would cost, assuming its even possible with a Canadian market cell phone in Germany. I can just imagine the poor girl arriving home in Canada and finding a gigantic charge on her telephone bill for downloading a short bit of video. Then again these kids don't strike me as too smart. After all they decided to attend one of the world's major sporting events without bothering to buy tickets in advance. Like oh, say a year or so in advance given the world wide market for it. Its not like trying to buy Grey Cup tickets, where interest is all but zip outside Canada.

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