Friday, June 23, 2006


Robert Pickton may turn out to be Canada's worst serial killer. He's been charged with 67 counts of first degree murder, and the Port Coquitlam, BC pig farmer may be charged with more. But in a bizarre turn of events his case has served to reunite members of two families. This week Florence Lands, currently living in Cochin, Saskatchewan, contacted her sister Marie for the first time in 15 years after learning she was on a list of Pickton's alleged victims. Lands last talked to her sister in 1991, and only recently found out that she had been reported missing and presumed dead, and possibly a victim of Pickton's. This comes only a couple of weeks after Linda Grant, another woman believed to have been a victim, turned up in the United States 23 years after her family last had contact with her.

The obvious question is why these women made no effort to let their families know they were alive years ago. Grant claimed she had no idea she had been reported missing in 1983 after she left BC's Lower Mainland. Lands claims she had no idea her sister didn't know she was alive. One would think that they would have considered that their families might think something bad had happened to them when months, then years went by with no contact from them.

Will other apparent victims turn out to be alive? Let's hope so. More importantly let's hope they "come back from the dead" as quickly as possible, both to save police resources spent investigating their fates, and to help those they may have left behind stop grieving people who don't need grieving.

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