Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Danger of Shampoo.

Well, okay, not that Shampoo. Yes, she is dangerous, as anyone familiar with Ranma 1/2 would tell you. Instead I'm talking about the kind you put on your head. This morning in the shower I knocked the shampoo bottle onto my foot. It was 3/4 full(a bottle of Pert Plus if you really must know), so it hurt a bit, and I bet it will leave a small bruise. Not a very auspicious way to start the day. Still, I'd rather have it land on my foot than the plastic floor of the shower stall and damage that.

Of course I'm sure someone, someplace, is warning all and sundry about the supposed dangers of modern shampoo. If people will try and draw a link between breast cancer and the use of underam deordorant and antiperspirant surely someone will try and link shampoo use with some disease.

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