Wednesday, March 08, 2006

One of the ads that has turned up on my Google Adsense banner this week is for information on how to improve your Google Adsense returns. I decided to check it out. Its basically a video ad for some software that will supposedly allow you to optimise your Adsense settings. I found it amusing that the guy doing the narrating came across this program when he was trying to find ways to improve his Adsense revenue. He was upset about only making 300 bucks a month. Only 300. For most of us in blog land we'd be ecstatic if we generated enough hits to make anywhere near that amount of money a month.

Obviously part of the secret to making lots of money with Adsense is to use the right keywords on your page to generate the highest paying ads. Supposedly combinations of asbestos, disease, mesothelioma, and lawsuit are one example of good keyword combinations. But this of course brings up the question of exactly why you're doing a website. Are you doing it to provide content you hope will be of interest to others, or are you simply trying to make money? If you do a lot of search engine searches on various topics you've likely run into pages by now that are nothing but Adsense "traps." That is they'll be something like a few photos of GM Hummers and a couple of Adsense banners, the hope of course being you'll click on the ads in search of whatever it is you're interested in regarding Hummers. People who have webpages like that obviously are interested strictly in the revenue they'll make from ad banner clicks.

For me trying such manipulations with this blog is something I'm not interested in doing. After all this would require me to deliberately write about things that might generate high paying Adsense ads, and this would stilt the ramblings this blog is supposed to be about. If I want to write about Iraqi currency trading or whatever it will have to be because something about the topic catches my attention, not because I hope I'll make a bunch of money off of it. Besides, given the small number of daily hits I get it probably wouldn't be worth the effort.

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