Monday, March 13, 2006

I was just over at the IMDB looking to see if any sort of remake of 1977's robot horror film Demon Seed is in the works. Frankly I'm surprised that someone hasn't decided to remake this one given some of the stuff that is being remade, such as the just released remake of The Hills Have Eyes. After seeing that no remake is apparently currently under production I took a look at some of their entertainment news headlines.

For some reason I was imagining future obituaries of some celebs in the show this morning. Why? Beats me. One of them was Sean Connery. Now I find out that Connery has just had surgery to remove a tumour from his kidney. The tumour is apparently benign. Coincidence can be amusing.

Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny, co-stars of the new HBO series Big Love, apparently got very upset when one of the hosts of the TV talk show The View brought up the oral sex scene Sevigny did in the Vincent Gallo film The Brown Bunny. The duo kept quite until the segment ended, then let the hosts have it off camera, Paxton apparently vowing never to appear on the show again. The offending question apparently was edited out for the west coast feed of the show. Although its really not the kind of topic you'd want to discuss on a show like that I can't feel sorry for Paxton and Sevigny. After all they were on promoting a show revolving around a man with 3 wives airing on HBO, a network known for pushing the limits of TV with shows like The Sopranos. Obviously the topic of sex would be likely to come up. I can only wonder about the taste of someone like Sevigny, given that she did the scene in the first place, and given that Vincent Gallo, who wrote, directed, and starred in the film, and was the recipient of Sevigny's sexual attentions in the film, apparently is a little bit of a loon. Just check out his miscellaneous merchandise page, including the requirements to buy his sperm.(Of course its possible Gallo has a very warped sense of humour and all of that is intended as one huge joke. If so, Vince, it doesn't work. Trust me.)

I was also interested to read in the article about Macaulay Culkin and drugs that he is 25. Time sure flies. Too bad for Culkin that in a lot of ways he's become a classic example of a child star, one whose adulthood has so far been less than terrific.

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