Thursday, March 09, 2006

How's this for an interesting idea? The One Million Blogs page. Dave, the fellow behind it, wants to build a website with a grid of one million blogs. For a buck he'll sell you a 30 by 30 pixel square that will link to your blog. You can buy several squares if you want. Once he reaches the 1 million point he'll pay 580 randomly chosen blogs who have signed up to advertise other blogs on their blog. The big winner will get 100 grand. I decided that it was worth the buck twenty to buy a square on the grid, as its less than the price of the bag of chips I had today. I'm number 312. Stupid Evil Bastard, who is on the link list here, has also signed up and is on grid 169. If you click on the button I've just added below my Adsense ads you can see it for yourself.

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