Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How About Some Fresh JFK Ideas?

I was just reading a bit from a thread on Usenet on some Kennedy assassination program. One of the posters claimed he was killed by Lyndon Johnson and the Mob conspiring together. How dull. You'd think after all these years someone could come up with some new suspects. How about:

Aristotle Onassis? After all Jackie eventually ended up as his wife. Perhaps he decided years beforehand she had to be his, and his first move was to get rid of the competition, JFK. If anyone could arrange a hit and get away with it one of the world's richest men could.

Jackie Kennedy? Yeah, even "Saint Jackie" would get pissed off at his roving eye sooner or later. Maybe she finally had enough.

The French? Lots of Americans currently hate the French. I'm sure with a little bit of work somebody could come up with some nefarious reason De Gaulle wanted Kennedy wacked.

I'm sure with some work someone could come up with all sorts of interesting candidates. And given the funhouse mirror quality of the Kennedy assassination fandom, which arguably you could call what the debate has become, anyone who comes up with a new theory, no matter how outlandish, will find the evidence, and the "evidence," proves their theory.

(Of course now someone will tell me there is an Onassis theory, or a Jackie theory, or a French theory floating about. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.)

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