Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hmmm, if you have a blog but can't think of anything to post on a specific day, does that count as writer's block?

To be more serious it would be interesting to know how many blogs there are that are effectively inactive. That is the person who started them has abandoned them. I would guess a lot. Especially since there are likely a lot of folks who sign up for an account on one of the blog sites, post a couple of times, and then post no more because blogging really isn't for them. I know that when I first started using a commercial ISP I actually activated some free webspace they offered, but never actually came up with anything to do with it. Blogs are obviously going to be the same.

BTW if you're waiting for a picture of me on here or on my Blogger profile, don't bother. My appearance shall remain a mystery except for those I have met in person.

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