Saturday, January 28, 2006

I was just listening to an album(or a cassette to be accurate) I hadn't listened to all the way through in a long time, Split by Lush. Lush came out of the late '80s British "shoegazer" scene that produced groups like My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver. The music on Split fit in quite well with sitting in front of a computer on a Saturday afternoon fooling around. The song "Hypocrite," one of my favourites on the album, gives a hint at the sound Lush would go for on their next album, the more straight ahead sounding Lovelife. This unfortunately would be the group's last album, as drummer Chris Acland hanged himself on October 18, 1996(by coincidence my birthday), with the band officially breaking up in 1998. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Miki Berenyi is of mixed Hungarian and Japanese heritage, and her mother is Yasuko Nagazami, who appeared as Yasko in several episodes of the series Space: 1999. Berenyi's parents divorced when she was young, and its not hard to assume that the lyrics to the songs "Light From a Dead Star" and "Kiss Chase," which open Split, may be about her childhood.

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