Monday, November 07, 2005

I went for a late night walk a bit ago, and its obvious winter is on its way. Its only -2 or -3 degrees Centigrade outside, but the character of the cold, for lack of a better term, just has that winter feel to it. I don't know if its the moisture content or what, but the air just feels wintery. There was only a slight wind, but it had that winter bite to it. To me wind is the real problem with winter. To me a temperature like -30 really isn't that bad once the wind goes away. But combine below zero temperatures with a typical Saskatchewan winter wind and you end up with a rather nasty experience.

We had snow this past week, but not enough to stick permanently to the streets. When it does the fun starts. You would think people would know better since they live here, but every year its the same. The snow comes and people drive like idiots for the first couple of days. They act like its summer and dry, driving too fast for conditions as a result and causing the inevitable accidents. And since I'm not the greatest driver in the first place I'm often quite paranoid for a while once winter driving conditions begin. Just another excuse to use the bus and not drive so much I suppose.

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