Saturday, July 16, 2005

Over the last half an hour or so one of my neighbours has been vacuuming. His house has a central vac, and if you're familiar with those units you know they can be heard outside the house. Seems to me that after 11 pm is not a good time to be vacuuming if its going to be audible to the neighbours. Sure, its a Saturday night, but there are still going to be people it might bug.

Speaking of household tasks one I've jokingly thought about doing at night is mowing the lawn. I could actually get away with it noisewise given that the electric lawnmower I use is very quite. Its not one of those howling banshee types one typically encounters, rather its almost inaudible from a few feet away. Of course I'd probably do a crappy job of it, but it would be fun to do something silly like that.

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