Sunday, June 26, 2005

Old pseudoscience never dies, it just wanders off to produce silliness elsewhere. Take biorhythms. Although the idea had been around for decades it became very popular in the late '70s, perhaps because the arrival of the pocket calculator eased calculating them. (The instruction manual for a calculator I bought in the early '80s had a section in the instruction manual devoted to them.) The concept isn't all that popular these days, but people still use it. I came across a website called Celebmatch, which uses biorhythms to determine your supposed compatibility with various celebreties. The thing I found most interesting is the supposed celebs they match you up with. I'm guessing they're trying to cater to as international an audience as possible. When I entered my birthdate one of the people it matched me up with was Valerie Zwikker. Yeah, I've never heard of here either, but from looking at Google she seems to be a Dutch porn actress or something. She's appeared in Playboy in any case.

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