Thursday, June 09, 2005

I was just out for a late night walk, and realised that the first anniversary of Some Ramblings From Mr. Gueguen came and went without me even noticing it. I first started this thing May 4th, 2004. Oh well, its not like you can have a party or something to celebrate the birth of your blog, unless you're Atrios or someone like that.

This week saw the French nuclear powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle enter Canadian waters as part of a joint naval exercise. I can't help but wonder whether the de Gaulle carries nuclear weapons. France is of course one of the senior nuclear powers. The Super Entendard fighter-bombers on board the de Gaulle can carry ASMP nuclear armed missiles, the warheads of which have a variable explosive power of 100 to 300 kilotons. But is the de Gaulle carrying these weapons? I doubt the French would reveal this publicly, and it wouldn't surprise me if the Canadian government doesn't ask. After all, if they ask the French about their ships having nukes then some folks here will want them to ask about American warships passing through Canadian waters having nukes, and thats something the government probably doesn't want to know. If they don't know and try not to know they don't actually have to formulate public policy on the issue.

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