Monday, May 02, 2005

If you're a baseball fan check out the April 24th issue of the New York Time Magazine. The cover story discusses whether power hitting is being overemphasised instead of more subtle ways of getting on base.

The Blue Jays managed to take 2 out of 3 games from the Yankees on the weekend. I wonder when the last time that happened was. The Yankees are currently 7 and a half games behind division leading Baltimore, something that hasn't happened since September of 1997, and are 5 games below .500. They're hoping to pick up some ground playing against Tampa Bay over the next few days, the Devil Rays having lost 7 straight. You can only imagine the kind of howling out of the Yankees' front offices if Tampa should stomp them.

As a followup to my comment about the "Nutrition facts" on some Breathe Savers I bought I purchased some Aquafina bottled water today and it had such a listing. It told me that bottled water is not a source of any significant amounts of nutrients or of fats, all of which makes the inclusion of such information rather redundant. Did the company actually have to officially test the water to come up with those stats? Bottled water is arguably a bigger moneymaking scam than soft drinks. At least the company has to pay for some sugar and other flavourings. With bottled water all they have to do is filter it, if that.

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