Sunday, May 08, 2005

I would love to know what kind of parameters Google's Adsense system uses to determine what ads should be shown on your ad banner. I've been getting ads for arthritis treatments and alternatives to the painkiller Vioxx of late. Neither topic has come up on this blog. I would assume the ads have shown up because the word nutrition appeared in a couple of recent posts. If I'm correct in this assumption I'm surprised that cancer treatment ads haven't appeared given the role nutrition is believed by some to play in either getting or treating cancer. Its kind of amusing sometimes when an ad pops up in response to a negative post on something. A post about a webpage for those who hate the Hummer H2 lead to Hummer related ads appearing on the ad banner. Yet my mention of Darth Vader didn't lead to any Star Wars related ads. How odd, especially with Revenge of the Sith about to hit the theatres.

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