Wednesday, May 18, 2005

According to the gossip column published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix Madonna and film director husband Guy Richie are trying to have a kid. As a result they're reportedly taking some form of ayurvedic, or Ayurvedic if you prefer, treatment. This brings up a couple of questions. Are they getting it from the Maharishi, or his former disciple, new age health guru Deepak Chopra? And what does this say about their much publicised Kabbalah involvement? Probably not much about the latter. Given that the version of Jewish mysticism she's involved with has drawn much criticism from traditional practitioners I'd guess they won't have much problem with their devotees using Indian new age medicine. After all getting too tight assed about that kind of thing will just chase away some potential clients.

BTW, if you're reading this, Madonna, I hope you're using Western medicine that actually works as well, instead of just stuff from snake oil salesmen like Chopra.

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