Thursday, February 03, 2005

Say goodbye to Toronto's Skydome. The domed stadium will henceforth be known as Rogers Centre, the Toronto Blue Jays having bought it for $25 million CDN, the Rogers media group being their parent company. A nice deal for something that cost half a billion to build, although I suspect there are some interesting arrangements regarding existing debt and so forth involved. They'll also be spending money on upgrading the playing field with new and much nicer FieldTurf, and installing new scoreboards and a new Jumbotron. Having control of the revenue generated by the field will allow the Jays to spend more on players, with payroll being announced as 70 million dollars for each of the next three years. Unfortunately they still won't be able to compete salarywise with the New York Yankees, who will spend a reported 210 million on players this year alone. Must be nice to be George and spend that kind of dough.

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