Friday, February 18, 2005

Patronising the little guy can be rather interesting. I went to get my hair cut today, and instead of going to a chain place like Ultracuts I went into a small barber shop. It was about the most minimal place you can imagine, with 3 chairs, one a kids chair, an ancient old tv(although hooked up to a cable box) and a couple of chairs for folks to wait in, all in a space about the size of many bedrooms. Cheap too, just 10 bucks for a haircut. Not that it matters in one sense where I go, since my hair never behaves properly after I get it cut anyways. I'm sure a place like this stays in business because the overhead is low and it attracts a steady clientle of regular customers, many of whom have been going there for years. But it must be hard to compete nonetheless against fancier hair salons, and the chain haircut places with their advertising budgets and so forth.

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