Friday, February 25, 2005

A good while ago I made a post on here about people who don't have much of or even no web prescence, in that case a couple of girls I went to high school with. I just had another example of this when I tried to find out some info on the current whereabouts of guitarist David Fulton. A profile of Fulton in a 1988 issue of Guitar Player (with Jerry Garcia on the cover) lead me to picking up a copy of his album Like Chignik, which I'll have to dig out again soon. Whatever his current activities they're not showing up online. Presumably he's like a lot of musicians in that he got frustrated with the rigors of doing recordings for small labels on tiny budgets for little response and moved away from music, at least of the recorded kind anyway.

I purchased that LP, this being in the late '80s before my first CD player, from the long defunct New Music Distribution Service, along with several other LPs from the new music/improvised music scene of the era, such as Jim Staley's Mumbo Jumbo, which I should give a listen to again as well. From what I understand when NMDS went under a lot of folks got burned and didn't get paid for stuff the organisation bought from them, which can cause real problems when you're running a tiny label in a limited commerical potential scene. I'm pretty sure I ordered from them twice, and had some problems with the second order, although I can't remember exactly what, although probably along the lines of not getting what I expected or something.

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