Friday, February 18, 2005

From an online acquantance, an attempted scam e-mail he received. Generally if you want to scam someone I would think you would want to write it in their language:

Drae Balcrays Mrebme,

Thsi eliam was setn by the Baalcrys serevr to virefy yruo
emial addrsse. You muts copmlete thsi prsecos by ccilking
on the lkni bolew and enterign in the smlal winodw yruo Barclasy
Membership number, passcode and memorable word.
Thsi is dnoe for yuor pitcetoron - besuace smoe of our memrebs no
lnoger haev acssec to tehir emlia adsserdes and we
mtsu verfiy it. To vyfire yuor eamil address and assecc yruo bkna
acctnuo, ckcil on the lkni bwole:


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