Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Prime Minister Paul Martin has stated that Canada will not accept missiles for the proposed US missile defense system on Canadian soil. All I can say is "Well, duh!" There's no indication the US has any interest in stationing interceptor missiles on Canadian soil in any case. He also says that he won't put money into the system. This may also be a meaningless statement. Given that the system is going to be tied into NORAD continued Canadian involvement in that organisation all but certainly means defacto providing financial support for the ABM system.

Not that the system is likely to be operational in any sort of effective fashion anytime soon. Today's interceptor test failed. Personally I think the whole thing is a big pork barrel project of questionable utility. Even its supposed current goal of being able to counter an accidental launch, or a deliberate launch by terrorist and the like, seems unlikely in the near term. Of course anyone who seriously wants to launch a nuclear attack on the US can come up with ways of avoiding the shield, like using cruise missiles, which the system isn't designed to be used against.

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