Monday, December 27, 2004

I was just crushing a bunch of pop cans and plastic bottles that I intend to take in for the deposit refund soon, perhaps tomorrow or Wednesday. What a lot of effort! I always go to the trouble of sorting them into separate containers and flattening them. Unfortunately most people are too lazy to do so, so you usually end up at the recycling depot behind someone with a big bag of various types of containers mixed together, which slows things up considerably. The deposit for cans here in Saskatchewan is 10 cents, the deposit for plastic containers under one litre is 10 cents, and those over one litre are 20 cents. Glass bottles vary depending on size, although a typical booze bottle is in the 20 cent range. By themselves thats not much, but save up dozens over the course of a couple of months and you end up with 8 or ten bucks of extra cash on a semi regular basis, and you keep the landfills from filling up with stuff that can be reused. The economics of this recycling may be another question however.

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