Thursday, September 09, 2004

One thing that you are not likely to find if you visit Saskatchewan is strip clubs. No, they're not illegal, but a peculiar quirk of Saskatchewan's liquor licensing regulations is that strip clubs cannot serve alcohol. There have been a number of attempts to start liquorless strip clubs but they generally fail, which tells you something about what it takes to get most people to watch strippers, namely some booze in their belly. A Saskatoon businessman tried to get around this by opening up his strip club, Showgirls(yeah, not very original is he?) next door to his restaurant, with a patio connecting the two and a door on each end of the patio. So patrons could go into the restaurant, drink, and then go thru the two doors to watch the strippers. However he's gotten into other problems with the regs unrelated to the alcohol question, so its future is currently uncertain.

In one way Saskatoon should be a good market for a strip joint, namely that its a university town, with the University of Saskatchewan having somewhere between 15 and 20 thousand full time students each year. There's also Kelsey, a tech college, with several thousand more students, as well as other smaller business and so forth schools, and one assumes horny university boys are a primary market for "exotic entertainment."

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