Thursday, September 23, 2004

Had Chinese food for supper tonight. As is often the case we ordered from Asian Cuisine, located just off Central Avenue in Sutherland. As usual we ordered some ginger beef, and I think their ginger beef is the best of the ginger beef I've eaten in Saskatoon Chinese restaurants. Asian Cuisine's primary business is takeout, as they have only a small dining room with a half dozen or so tables in it. We occasionally order from Szechaun Kitchen, a similar "hole in the wall" type place located on Broadway Avenue.

A recent entry into the Saskatoon restaurant market is Eastside Mario's, located on 8th Street, one of Saskatoon's primary business streets. My parents went there a bit ago, and commented that it shares the same problem as a number of other restaurants seem to these days, its too noisy. In a society where the average age is increasing you can only wonder at design decisions that will alienate older potential customers, especially those who are hard of hearing. Interestingly its located on a plot of land next to Saskatoon's outlet of Red Lobster, a plot that was supposedly going to house an Olive Garden. (It became available when Sherwood Chev/Olds, one of Saskatoon's main auto dealers, moved off the land.) The story goes that the Olive Garden bigwigs decided via their formula that Saskatoon isn't big enough for one of their restaurants. Personally I and others thing they underestimate the amount Saskatonians eat in restaurants. After all Saskatoon has a high number of restaurants.

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