Sunday, August 01, 2004

I was watching ESPN's Friday Night Fights this evening. No, I'm not writing this via time machine, rather that's when TSN here in Canada played it this week. It was recorded before Friday's Tyson-Williams fight, and the regular commentators and guest Buster Douglas, who fought and beat Tyson back in '90, expected Tyson to win, as did most of those who posted to ESPN's website. Only 6.8% thought Williams might win. I hope at least some of those folks bet some money on Williams, as the payoff was likely rather nice.

Too bad for Tyson. This loss probably diminishes his chance of getting some really big fights lined up, and he apparently needs the money, as he supposedly owes the IRS a big whack of cash.

Even boxing is becoming grist for the reality tv mill. There will be two boxing themed reality shows this fall, with contestants competing to get a chance at a professional boxing career. One involves Sylvester Stallone and former champ Sugar Ray Leonard, while the other has involvement from current boxing superstar Oscar De La Hoya. Is this the kind of thing boxing needs? Boxing's image is tarnished enough in the eyes of many without linking it to the less than classy reality tv genre.

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