Monday, January 22, 2018


This morning I skipped the familiar Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi to buy a Zevia sugar free cola.  I'd seen them before and finally decided to try one.  A can costs 99 cents plus tax and deposit at Sobeys.   

Even before you drink it you'll notice it's clear.  It doesn't contain colouring like a conventional cola.  When I drank it to me it didn't taste that much like a cola either.  Frankly it tasted closer to slightly flat Sprite.

Zevia uses stevia leaf, which has become increasingly common as a sweetener in North America over the last decade.  Perhaps this has something to do with the taste.  A while ago my dad bought a can of Coke Life, which is sweetened with a mixture of stevia and sugar.  He thought it tasted more like ginger ale than Coke.  On the other hand it may simply be the taste profile Zevia decided to go for.

I probably won't be buying any again anytime soon.

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