Saturday, May 07, 2016

More Competition.

Last year it was announced that Save-On-Foods would be entering the Saskatoon market.  At the time I speculated the first one might be in Saskatoon's new Brighton neighbourhood.  This week signs advertising Brighton went up along the far end of College Drive, with one listing businesses that will be built within.  One of them is Save-On-Foods.

It will be nice to have some more competition in the market.  Safeway and Sobeys now have their sales prices synchronised, so products they both offer are on sale at the same time, reducing the change of finding a specific product on sale when you might go shopping.  Perhaps Save-On will carry some products the existing chains in the Saskatoon market don't, and it will be interesting to compare things like bakery products to what can be found here at the moment. 

But don't go running out to check it out just yet.  A Regina Leader Post article covering the opening of the first Regina Save-On-Foods on April 1 states the first Saskatoon location won't open until 2017.  That seems likely, since Brighton is in the early stages of things like roads being put in.  I suspect even opening for the Christmas 2016 season isn't likely, and probably we'll have to wait until March or April of 2017.

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