Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Did It Ever Open?

I got a bit of a surprise today.  It had been a while since I walked down 2nd Avenue.  Passing by the building at 120 Second Avenue North I noticed a notice on the door.  Dating from mid December it advised that the building had been deemed unsafe by city inspectors. 

This building has had restaurants of various sorts in the lower level forever, such as the Greek restaurant Olympia.  The most recent occupant had been an Italian restaurant, Bottega, but it closed up sometime in 2015.  The space had been under renovation, and was supposed to reopen as the Oak and Iron.  Anyone know if it did?  I never saw any indication it did, but I may have missed it if it wasn't open long before the forced closure of the building.  The upstairs of the building has been occupied by The Heights bar.

It seems odd that whatever the problems the building has hadn't been spotted before December given how much work has been done.  You'd think they would have had inspectors in during construction who would have spotted something.  I would imagine there's a real financial mess building up around this, which may make the local news sooner or later.

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